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So, I didn't really explain myself well with what I was thinking for Year 1: Chapter 2. It was only a few paragraphs I was thinking of adding. Here is the full addition I was thinking of putting in:

Harriet had never gotten on with the Dursleys. Indeed, for most of her life, her bedroom had been the cupboard under the stairs at their home, Number Four, Privet Drive. The Dursleys were her only living relatives, Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and her cousin, Dudley. Aunt Petunia had been her mother's sister. She had been sent to live with them when she was only one year old after her parents had died. Harriet had been told all her life that her parents had been killed in a car crash which also gave her the characteristic scar on her forehead.

However, only a month before, Harriet learned the truth. After receiving a flurry of mysterious letters with no return address, the Dursleys had gone on the run to escape them. In the end, they were tracked down by a bearded, giant of a man named Hagrid who finally told Harriet the whole story. The most astonishing thing that Hagrid revealed to her was that Harriet was not a normal girl, and nor had her parents been normal either. Harriet was a witch, and her parents had been a witch and wizard. The letters, Hagrid revealed, had been her acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which Hagrid told her was the best school for witches and wizards in the world.

However, he told her the horrible part of the truth as well. Her parents had not been killed in a car crash. They had been murdered. The man who had murdered them, Lord Voldemort, was also a wizard, the most feared and evil wizard of all time. Not only that, but after killing her parents, Lord Voldemort had attempted to murder Harriet as well, but failed. Instead, the curse had rebounded, apparently stripping Voldemort of his powers instead, leaving Harriet an orphan and bearing the scar on her forehead where the curse had struck. Voldemort it seemed was so terrible that even though he had been gone for ten years, everyone in the magical world still feared to say or hear his name aloud.

After that, she had been given to the Dursleys who had raised her. They had not been particularly kind to Harriet, from making her sleep in the cupboard under the stairs, to showering their natural son, Dudley, with gifts and praise. Now, she was standing alone in King's Cross station, surrounded by hurrying passengers, while the Dursleys walked away, laughing hysterically. They had brought her to King's Cross to board the train to school, but according to Uncle Vernon, the platform, Nine and Three Quarters, did not exist.

From here, it will resume at "She looked around anxiously, wondering what to do. There were guards around, but every one of them looked agitated and stand-offish, and she didn't feel like pestering them."

Hopefully this helps explain a bit what I had in mind.
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Serious question: Should I update and expand Chapter 2 of Year 1 to provide more plot exposition into Harriet's background growing up with the Dursleys? 

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